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The Agrone is a hexcopter designed for precision agriculture. Agrone is agriculture spraying drone developed in India with a spraying capacity of 5 liters (payload).it has variable spraying application of liquid pesticides, fertilizers, and herbicides, that brings new levels of efficiency, effectiveness and manageability to agriculture. Agrone has both autonomous and manual control. Because of its compact design and great structure it is more user friendly and strong.


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Agrone is more efficient with a more spraying span that can spray more area in less time. It has specially designed nozzles with different modes of spraying that can be adjusted before flying that makes more effective spraying which efficient

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Easy To Operate

Agrone is specially designed for spraying operation. the designed flight controller makes it is easy to operate so that a beginner also can operate it very easily and accurately both autonomously and manually.

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Maintenance And Repair

Agrone is user friendly design with high grade components and the parts are interchangeable So the maintenance and repair of drone can be easily done with low cost

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Agrone is compact design .it have retractable arms (folding frame) and it can be packed In box so it is convenient to transport

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Ultra low volume spraying technology

Low-volume sprayers develop a mist (50-100 microns) or fog (0.05-50 microns). Small droplets from a mist or fog applicator can result in more uniform coverage and greater likelihood of contact with the insect or disease.

lower risks of injury due to the fog cloud being nearly invisible, low volumes of carrier chemicals, lower application cost and low noise levels.


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Wastage Reduction

30 to 35 percent of pesticide can be saved using pesticide drones by atomization of liquid that can be sprayed all levels of crop

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High Efficiency

Nearly 7 -10 ACRES/HOUR can be sprayed using Agrone which is 25 times more faster and safer than traditional knapsack sprayer method

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Water Saving

90 % Of water can be saved in compared to traditional spraying methods this is possible by utilizing ultra-low volume spraying technology

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Man Power

Pesticide drone can protect farmers from heat stroke, poisoning while spraying liquid pesticides in agriculture field that makes single person spraying more area than usual

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Easy To Use

Agriculture drone has long productive life span, low maintenance cost and parts can be easily replaced, as and when required. using remote controller it can easily manages low altitude flying (low altitude spraying) that dose not harm crop so it is easy to spray